How to choose an electric chainsaw

Chainsaws are used for various purposes like pruning, trimming and cutting. Earlier manual saws were used for these tasks but today, electric chainsaws have taken their place. Other saw choices include gasoline-powered saws. However, electric chainsaws are distinctly advantageous in that they are easy to use, use less power, make less noise and are technically low maintenance.

Electric saws come in two forms

1- Cordless
2- Corded

Cordless saws are easy to move around and improvements in technology have brought about better battery power and voltage for enhanced performance. They are, however, heavier to carry around and batteries require changes every once a while

Corded saws are light and don’t require battery changes. You may need extensions to operate them all over your lawn but that is the only limit. The electric usage is not much and these saws turn out to more durable. Check out an Electric chainsaw buying guide to choose a good chainsaw.

Electric chainsaw buying guide

Choosing a suitable Chainsaw

Consider the following factors when you decide to buy a chainsaw.

1- Type of work
What is the type of work you are going to use your chainsaw for? Is it trimming and pruning or is it for cutting wood. For lighter works, you can choose light chainsaws, while heavy works like cutting trees require stronger and heavier chainsaws.

2- Handling experience
Chainsaws can be complicated to use. The heavy ones may be fairly hard for those who are lightly-built. You must know how to use the chainsaw you are buying or you can end up hurting yourself.

3- Corded/cordless
Depending on the type of your work, you might also want to consider buying corded electric chainsaws or cordless saws. If you have a big lawn and are going to go all over it, consider a cordless saw. For smaller lawns, corded saws are a better option.

4- Features
Other features you might want to consider when buying are bar length, voltage, engine displacement and amperage. The higher these values the stronger the saw is. Strong saws are designed to cut hardwood trees.

5- Safety options
All chainsaws come with safety options. Always choose a chainsaw that has good safety options since heavy works can be a little dangerous, especially for those new to using the equipment.

Keeping all these points in mind and using an Electric chainsaw buying guide pick your chainsaw wisely.