It is often seen that people fail to pay attention towards the plumbing and heating system of the home. Timely maintenance is required to avoid any kind of damage. There are a variety of reasons that may lead to the deterioration of heating and plumbing system in your home or business place. It is said that prevention is better than cure. Ignoring a small leakage or similar issues might lead to further damage. We, at Flush Heating and Plumbing Ltd will protect your homes before the condition worsens. Whether the job is to install new system or to repair existing ones, we provide our customers with quality service.

Power Flush Method:

Cleaning the central heating system is necessary for its health. Power flushing is the most popular cleaning method recommended for central heating systems. Following are the benefits of a clean heating system-

  • Even distribution of heat.
  • Increased energy efficiency: You can cut the costs of your energy bills.
  • Extended system life.

It works by cleaning the built-up grime, lime; refreshing the heating system to make it function more consistently and efficiently. The cleaning process will take just 12 hours of time depending on the condition of the radiators and the need for chemical agents to address cold spots and remove debris from this area.

We serve all your central heating system needs whether it is big or small. We attend to the following needs-

  • Upgrade your existing boiler system with hot water tank.
  • Fit new energy efficient boiler.
  • Install new radiators.

We strive to provide you with quality service based on your needs. When we say we provide quality service, we really mean it. We offer our customers 1-year on plumbing and up to a 10-year warranty on boiler installations.

How to know that your system needs Power Flush?

Following are some of the indications that your system needs a power flush-

  • Uneven heating: If you feel like some rooms are much colder than the other, your central heat system needs cleaning.
  • If the system is taking too long to warm up.
  • Temperature difference in radiators. If one or more radiators are cold in the bottom, system needs cleaning.
  • Noisy boiler.

So, in order to avoid further complications, it is important to check the system regularly and do timely maintenance. Flush Heating and Plumbing Ltd is a trusted name in the industry providing quality and reliable services since 2004.