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Pruning Shears – A Buyer’s Guide

One of the most effective ways to beautify your garden is the use of pruning shears. What makes them so attractive for a gardener is the ease of use. But they come in a variety of sizes and specifications. So how exactly can you choose the type of pruning shears for your garden? There are plenty of reviews online about the different kinds of pruning shears available. You can check one such review here – Here is a brief guide as to what to look out for when you buy a pruning shear.

It should fight right in your hand

There is a reason why pruning shears come with handles in different shapes and sizes – Not everyone’s hands are the same. The first thing to ensure is that the shears fit right into your hand and that you are comfortable with using it. After all, the shears are only as good as how well you can use them.

Availability of replacement parts

Like all objects of regular use, pruners are subject to damage. However, not all pruners allow you to replace parts that are damaged. Higher quality pruners come with replaceable parts. It usually depends on your requirement. If you are good with replacing inexpensive pruners everytime they break, then it is more cost-effective to replace them.


Quality of blades

Pruning shears have blades made out of steel. They are also coated with a non-sticky substance that resist sap and other materials on plants. Always opt for high-quality, hardened steel. This will last longer and prevent the need for frequent sharpening. Lower quality blades do not have sharp edges, and so can be difficult to use, in addition to being damaging to plants.

Understand the types of pruning shears

This is an important knowledge to possess. Choosing the right pruning shears will become easier if you know their different types. There are four types of blade designs for pruning shears. Each has their own specific features that address the needs of the gardener. Here is good list of pruning shears available to buy in the market –

Ease of disassembly

Pruning shears must be regularly cleaned and maintained to get the most out of them. Not all pruners can be taken apart for cleaning or sharpening of blades. Sap, dirt, and other compounds will eventually build up in hard to reach areas of the shears. Therefore it is easiest to clean if you can take them apart. It is also safer to clean the blades if they can be separated from the handle part of the pruner.

Keep these things in mind when you go ahead and buy a set of pruning shears.